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Gyros in Russia (draft)

Autogyros at MAKS-2001 airshow

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This 3-seater was designed in Irkutsk (Baikal lake Siberian region) by A.Tatarnikov and is supposed to be certified and produced at Irkutsk Aviation Plants.

Engine - '540 Teledyne-Continental * Blades - composite * Jump start * Not flown yet

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Top secret: blades are the same what used for Mil Mi-34 "Hermit" helicopter

These three photos were made in 2001 spring at the other exhibition. They show more of construction details:

sibexpotransport_02.jpg (40315 bytes) sibexpotransport_05.jpg (37883 bytes) sibexpotransport_06.jpg (38354 bytes)

More to come...

Well, more has come: take a look at our MAKS-2003 report

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