Welcome to first Russian Gyropages!

NEW! First gyro I built not from kit but from own design

This part of TwistAirClub website is dedicated to autogyros and people around (and in) them.

Let me first introduce myself. I'm Mr.Twistair and I had a chance and luck to become probably first Russian private pilot who soloed in autogyro after some hours of training with Dmitry Rakitskiy and hours and hours of theory talks with Victor Shumeiko. It was in 1999 and the aircraft was Dominator tandem which is still my favourite gyro.

These first flights completely changed my life so I decided to try gyros more seriously. Now my TwistAirClub is probably the best place in Russia to know things about gyros - we're widely opened for everybody who really wants to fly safe and agile rotorcraft.

Since we all realize that we have no significant successes in popularization of gyroplanes here in Russia so these pages are different in Russian and English languages. Those in Russian are mostly about the theory of rotor flight, information about the different gyro types and how to build gyro from plans or from kits - the information for those of us who hadn't chance to study fluent English and surf the whole Internet resources. The English pages will describe the history of gyros in Russia (oh, guys, there were a lot of projects and manufactured aircrafts developed and built in 30'-60' here), current events and completes.

luchemu_udarniku.jpg (21765 bytes) This very rare sign was issued in 1933 as the award for Nikolai Skrzhinskiy, who built first Russian autogyro KASKR-1 in 1929. KASKR-1 was actually the direct copy of one of Sierva's gyro. In 1933 Skrzhinskiy completed TsAGI A-4 gyro of original design. He was awarded with this sign for this job. Click on the image to enlarge

You'll also find here the contact information from those who want to buy or built gyro. If you have any questions or proposals - feel free to contact me, I'll forward your information to the right address or will put it to this pages.

Since my first task - hope you understand - is to provide Russian builders with information, English pages will increase slower than Russian ones.

This time you can see in English:

Gyrolinks (huge!) in memory of Mel Morris Jones - slightly corrected and added

Photo Gallery - not only gyros but light helicopters, such as Rotorway Exec and Safari, assembled in Russia

MAKS-2001 has become the most visited airshow in the whole world. Here are some fresh photos from it. And here they are - autogyros at MAKS-2001 and at MAKS-2003!!!

Note: you will find some rare and beautiful photos here - almost any of them is available printed in excellent size  and quality, let me know if some sights you.

Here: you'll find the most complete list of pages available in English at our website.


Fly fun!

Faithfully yours,



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