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  Эта коллекция ссылок появилась благодаря издателю журнала  Мелу Моррису Джонсу, а я постепенно добавляю сюда новые. Если вы нашли что-то новое или какие-то из приведенных здесь не работают - не поленитесь написать мне или Мелу.

This collection was created by Mel Morris Jones, I'm simply adding something time to time. If you know of any good links to add here, or if any of these links are dead, have changed or could be improved in any way - please e-mail mel@flygyro.com or me

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Gyro Forums | National Gyro organizations Национальные организации по автожирам | Отделения PRA Chapters | Прочие полезные организацииOther useful organizations | Автожиры по моделям и изготовителямAutogyro types and manufacturers | ДвигателиEngines | Маршевые винтыPropellers | Лопасти ротора Rotor blades | Прочие полезные вещи, связанные с АЖ Other useful gyro related things | АЖ-инструкторыGyro Instructors worldwide | Страницы по АЖ - смесь Various other gyro websites |



АЖ-форумы Gyro Forums:

FLY GYRO! forums A GENERAL FORUM and individual country forums for more specific information/questions - in the language of that country. Also 'Events' and 'For Sale & Wants' forums, and a 'Photos' forum where you can view and post.

Rotorcraft International Conferencing System. A newsgroup-type site, the most popular and probably the best for exchanging ideas and info - mainly US.

ASRA forum . Forum of Australia's national gyro organization.

Sparrow Dayton's forum Good, small US forum - if you can remember your passwords!
The Rotor Forum UK magazine forum

Автожиры Русскоязычная конференция на сервере newmail.ru Russia-based forum on gyros

Форум сверлегкой авиации Russia-based forum on ultralights including gyros

Форум по авиации общего назначения на сервере talk.ru Russia-based forum on general aviation - destructed :((

Конференция rec.aviation.rotorcraft :настройте ваш сервер новостей - не пожалеете. Хотя в этой конференции вертолетчиков больше. Из группы rec.aviation.* Я также рекомендую rec.aviation.homebuilt, rec.aviation.marketplace, rec.aviation.misc Newsgroup: rec.aviation.rotorcraft - set your newsgroups to include this one, though there are more chopper contributors than gyros.

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National Gyro organizations:

ABG Associacao Brasileira de Girocopteros
ASRA Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association
BRA . British Rotorcraft Association.
FFPLUM . Federation Francaise de Planeur Ultra-leger Motorise, l'autogire (classe 4)
NZAA . New Zealand Autogyro Association. (Affiliated to Recreational Aircraft Association of New Zealand).
PRA . Popular Rotorcraft Association. The BIG one. The world's largest rotorcraft organization - US based.
PRA Chapters are regional gyro associations/clubs which cover most areas of USA (and some others elsewhere) - to find your local Chapter click HERE .
SAGPA . South African Gyrocopter Pilots Association. Eric Torr's tel: (011) 391-6426

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Subscibers with Fly Gyro! website addresses - get yours now! :

www.flygyro.com/dingbat homepage for the amazing Dingbat and Longbat gyros

www.flygyro.com/hayward Hayward Aviation Ltd. - Gyrocopter insurance for UK flyers.

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Other useful organizations:

Experimental Aviation Association home page. Tells about EAA, the big Oshkosh fly-in, other aviation links, has a place to join EAA.
Popular Flying Association . Located in the United Kingdom, it promotes all types of homebuilt aircraft.
The AskFirst Society . An association of (mainly RAF2000) homebuilt gyroplane flight instructors. Aims to provide safe, standardized flight instruction.
CAA homepage . Lots of UK info including (out of date!) UK gyro licence requirements.
FAA home page . Check out all the info from the Feds.

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Autogyro types and manufacturers:

For a good, detailed overview of several of the gyro types listed here I suggest you look at the PRA Directory of Manufacturers

UFO . NZ 2seater fully enclosed gyro. Kit manufactured by UFO-HeliThruster.
Dingbat . UK single seat partially enclosed kit manufactured by Boris Aerial Photography & Videos.
Tervamaki JT-5 . Finland. Plans available for fully enclosed single seater from Tervamaki Engineering. Good 'Tips and Advice' page for JT-5 builders.
Gyrobee. US open frame ultralight gyro. - Free, downloadable build documentation available from Ralph Taggart!
Cartercopter Big, radical US gyro development. Part funded by NASA
R.F.I. . US 2 and 3seater partial and fully enclosed kits manufactured by Rotary Flight International.
Hawk . Big US gyro manufactured by Groen Brothers Aviation - going for full certification. Now include a jet powered version!
Sycamore . South African 2seater fully enclosed gyro manufactured by Chayair Manufacturing and Aviation. Also available as kit.
Shadow . US 2 seater side by side, mainly enclosed kit. Manufacturing license available with tooling.
Gyrofly . US single seat open frame - kit only, manufactured by Endeavor Aircraft & Automation
Bandit . US Joe Souza Gyroplanes Inc. Super Bandit in kit form
Montgomerie . UK single seat 'Merlin' partially enclosed Bensen variant, and podded Parsons type 2seater. Kits manufactured by Montgomerie Engineering
Brock . US Ken Brock Manufacturing, Inc. - KB2 &KB3 kit & plans
Midnight Hawk / Mosquito Hawk . Single seat partially enclosed gyro . Man by Gyro-Kopp-Ters
Sport Copter . US Lightning and Vortex single seat partially enclosed autogyro. Kits Man by Sport Copter, Inc.
Sportster HA-2M . US 2seater side-by-side partially enclosed gyro. Plans only, by Aircraft Designs, Inc.
Twinstarr . *Not available at the moment*US 2seater partially enclosed gyro. Kits only, Man by Air & Space America, Inc. После смерти Дона Фаррингтона его сервер не работает (может быть временно?)
V-Frog . US 2seater tail dragger Ultralight Trainer. Kit Man by North American Rotorwerks
Barnett . US single and 2seater semi and fully enclosed. Plans and kits manufactured by Barnett Rotorcraft.
Magni . Italian. Websites of US and South African agents and address of Italian and French agents Italian single and 2seat gyros, formerly known as VPM.
Snowbird . US Single and 2seater open-frame autogyros, kits manufactured by SnoBird Incorporated
Bumble Bee . US. Plans only - available from Aircraft Designs, Inc. (open frame - 500lbs gross weight)
Air Command . US. All types of gyro.
Air Command Deutschland .
RAF . Canadian single and 2seat gyros. Manufactured in kit form by Rotary Air Force - probably best known for their RAF2000 2seater
Skyhook . Australian single seat partially enclosed or fully enclosed autogyro. Manufactured by The Australian Autogyro Co. Tel: (Aus) 61-2-449-9816
Cricket . UK single seaters. Plans available for partially enclosed and open frame versions from British Gyroplanes Ltd. - tel (UK) 01491-826981
Air&Space 18a . *Not available at the moment* US 2seat fully enclosed autogyro manufactured by Air & Space America После смерти Дона Фаррингтона его сервер не работает (может быть временно?)
Hornet . true Ultralight
Dominator . US Rotor Flight Dynamics, Inc. Several gyro types.
H-1 Racer . US Partially enclosed. Plans or kit manufactured by Winners Circle Engineering Co. Tel: (US) (317) 996-3157
Falcon . US single or 2seat open frame or partially enclosed options. Kit only, manufactured by Rotor Hawk Industries, Inc.
Sparrow . US Open frame Ultralight - depending on engine option? Plans or kit manufactured by Rotor Hawk Industries, Inc.
HoneyBee . US single seat, open frame. Kit only, manufactured by GYROTech, Inc. True Part 103 Ultra Gyroplane, Kit version of Dr. Ralph Taggart's Gyrobee.
Little Wing . RotoPup@aol.com Single and 2seater tractor gyros. Manufactured by Little Wing Autogyros, Inc. Fully enclosed
Mad Max . US, available in single or two seater versions. Fully enclosed or open frame. Kit only, manufactured by Mad Max Aero. Tel: (US) (912) 897-6702
Pitbull . US Single seat partially enclosed tractor autogyro. Kit only, manufactured by North American Rotorwerks.

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Various other gyro websites: . . . (please report any dead links!)


OakieMike's page . Some really worthwhile brief explanations about gyros and their flight characteristics - easily understood by the non-technical!
Pagina di Renato Chinetti circa i Magni autogyros - ci e egualmente un buono documento circa i principii dei autogyros di volo. Scritto in italiano.
Willem Bogaerts Homepage . . . . In English and Dutch. "The Book of the Autogyro" is very good
Ultralight on Line . . . Italian website - there is an English version too. Gyros are classed as ultralights in Italy - see the review on the Magni M16 2seater gyro.
Dave Organ's gyro page . Author of the ever-popular "Guide to Gyroplanes in Britain", gyro videos, VW reduction drive etc.
Gyro Club Parisien . (En Francais)
Roli's Gyro Seite . (Deutsch)
Ken Rehler . . . . . . . . . . . Ken Rehler's well thought out homebuilt gyro design.
Philip MacCabe . . . . . . . . Watch the progress on building what is probably my all time favourite single seat gyro - the Tervamaki JT-5
Grant Murray's gyro page . interesting South African website
Ken Janulewicz's page . horizontal stabilizer on the RAF2000, and lots of aerial shots.
Ewe Hager's page . on gyros in Germany.
Oskar Westermeier?s Gyrocopters . Austria, I believe Oskar's gyros have jump take off capability!
Rotorbyte Ultralight Gyroplane Website. Ralph Taggart 's website has a lot of good information about ultralight gyroplanes, even the text of the ultralight regulations. Covers the Gyrobee ultralight autogyro, gyroplane history and lots more. This is probably the only site in the world where you can get complete documentation to build an autogyro!
Rotorcraft.com. Information on homebuilt rotorcraft from Norm Helberg. Lists manufacturers, instructors, has a gyro store where you can order rotorcraft merchandise. US gyro forum also based here.
Rotor/Wing Sports TV. Dan Leslie, US videos and cable TV show.
Mike Clouse's Gyro Aviation Home Page . Mike provides links, info, weather, lots of good stuff.
Dave DeWinter's home page. Full of info and photos of autogyros. Good rotorcraft links.
Jim Nardi's Homepage . Featuring information about the Air & Space 18A.
Mike Gaspard's Homepage . Mike provides lots of pictures for the gyro and ultralight enthusiast.
Richard Keller's Homepage . Info about the Gyrobee and other good rotorcraft stuff.
Radio-controlled autogyros . The Gyronuts homepage. Jim Baxter's comprehensive site for R/C model autogyros.
Homebuilt aircraft home page . Has links to lists of homebuilt gyroplanes and homebuilt helicopters.
The Aerodynamics of Gyroplanes . Summary of Glasgow University's study commissioned by the CAA.
Rotorcraft research and development . The University of Maryland reports on rotorcraft research projects.
About /Aviation . This will take you to the Autogyro page. There's lots of other interesting flying stuff here too.
Rotorkite . Jerry Plotner appreciates autorotation and will e-mail you (free) a zip file containing his plans for a hand held mini rotor.
Jukka Tervamaki's website . a great gyro designer who I would seriously class alongside Wallis and Bensen.
The Spirit of American Youth 2000 . 48 state gyro tour!
Joan's gyro page . 'Not the Way to Land' has words of wisdom about gyro pilots!
Geoffrey Taber's homepage .
Troy Taylor's page .
Tim Witham's RAF 2000 .
George Atkinson's page .
Glenn Poley's gyro page . Gyro flying in South Africa. Glenn flies airliners too!
Homare Ohshiba's gyro page . Japan
Japanese website . I don't understand Japanese - anyone like to give me the details?
More Japanese gyros . details please?
Little Wing Builders Association
Mel's Gyro Page . my popular, big old UK based site (still active! - and still growing!)
Mike Schallmann's website .
Richard (Catfish) Oxnam's page .
Brent Brown's page . Brent's KB2 gyro is the star.
Joe Drennan's gyro page . PitBull Ultralight Gyroplane project.
Heron de Souza's page . Aims to fly a gyro from Florida to Brazil one day. Good Luck!
Arrow UK's page . German (surprisingly) website with some English translations. VPM (Magni) gyros.
Bob Frischer's page .
Manfred's gyro project .
Louis Sippell's page .
Jeff & Jack's gyro page .
David Cox's page . Music on the entry page too!
Bill Heacock's gyro page . text about gyros with hypertext links to photos.
Tom Sled's Bandit page .
Darrel Hauer's page .
Doug Marker's page .
Steve Ashton's page .
David Holmes page .
Rich's homepage .
Geoff's GyroBee web page .
Larry's Gyro Lab .
Scot White's Gyrobee Scrapbook .
Brett's Gyrobee page .
Alfred Riopel's Gyrobee page .
Troy Taylor's page .
Randy Berry's homepage .
George Pate's tractor autogiro page .
Mike Gibson's Gyro page .
Tom Sled's Bandit page .
Geoff Taber's page .
The Wobbly Flyer UK Gyro page A gyroglider website. Good, engineering stuff with drawings and instructions to download.
The Wobbly Flyers page (US) .
Chris Condell's gyro/gyroglider page . you can now download short movie clips from Chris's site.
Gyro Mike .
Bill Stapleton's page .
Lyle Kollenborn's page .
Lance Nitschke .
Jamie Bodie's page .
Essay on autogyro principles etc. .
Sparrow Dayton . Sparrow's well illustrated log of his gyro building experience makes good reading - the sort of thing that would encourage others to try their hand at building a gyro too.
Bob Dragon's KB Builders Website . Website forum where builders and flyers of Ken Brock KB-2 and KB-3 gyroplanes can share their knowledge, ideas, and experiences with others.

Gyro History Websites:

Juan de la Cierva .

Juan de la Cierva 2 .

D. Juan de la Cierva y el "Autogiro .

Juan de La Cierva .


Pitcairn-Cierva PCA-2 .

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Aircraft Spruce and Specialty , supplier of materials, parts and components for homebuilt aircraft.
Wicks Aircraft Supply , supplier of materials, parts, kits and components for homebuilt aircraft.
Leading Edge Air Foils , supplier of materials, parts, accessories and engines for homebuilt aircraft.
I'm Fly'N , manufacturer and distributor of components like aluminum tubing, wheels, AN hardware, other accessories. EA81 Subaru Performance Specialist. Wide variety performance equipment for 1800cc Subaru - boost power to 131hp. Check the online catalog.
Aerocrafter Homebuilt Aircraft Sourcebook . Online service provided by this commercial publication. Lists where to find manufacturers, engines, parts, etc.


Prince Aircraft Company . (US) - (419) 877 55557 manufacturer of the Prince P-Tip.
P-Prop . (SA)
DUC Helices . (France)
Powerfin . (US)
Brolga . (Aus) 07 5494 6608
Warp Drive . (US) 800 833 9357
Sport Prop propellers , supplier of a full range of very efficient and quiet propellers and the Verner SVS-1400 engine.
Arplast . (UK agent)
Ivoprop . (US)
GT Propellers . (Italia) 0039 0541 693399
Lodge . (UK) 01245 440317
Tennessee . (US)
Hoffman Propellers (Deutschland) 011 49 8031 18780. US agent (Steen Aero Lab) 828 652 7382
Making your own composite prop . Jukka Tervamaki shows you a simple method of making a two bladed composite propeller.


Able Experimental Aircraft Engine Co. (US) all configurations derived from the Type I VW engine format.
Eric Ulmer's homebuilt aircraft engine page . links to many aircraft engine websites.
Rotax Owners Association News
Rotax engines from California Power Systems (US)
Rotax engines from Green Sky Adventures . (US)
Rotax engines from Skydrive (UK)
Subaru info from Stewart instruments (US)
Kevin Hester's Subaru info site . (US)
Subaru info download site .
Subaru Specialties . (US)
Subaru redrive. (US)
Atkins rotary engines . (US)
Simonini modern 2 stroke engines (some text in English)
Wilksch Airmotive . (UK) aero diesel, the future for light aviation? Great engines - but not cheap!
Zoche Diesel aero diesel . (Germany - but site in English)
DieselAir . (UK) another diesel
Hirth engines . (US)
Camfire engines . (Canada)
Jabiru engines (UK)
Jabiru engines. (US)
HKS engines. (US)
Two-Stroke International (US)
Moller International rotary . (US)
Split-cycle technology page . (Australia)
Crossflow Aero Corporation . (Canada)
Automotive engine cooling . (Canadian info)
Balance Masters . (US)
Great Plains Aircraft (VW) . (US)
Verner SVS-1400 engine (Czech - but in English)
Marcotte PSRU, Canada, (English/Francais)

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Rotor Blade Manufacturers/main agents:

Dragon Wings . (US)
Dragon Wings . (UK) 0113 2644945
Air Copter . (Fr) [also in English]
I'm Fly'n . (US)
Rotor Hawk : (US)
RAF2000 (Canada)
Rotordyne (US)
McCutchen Sky Wheels (US)
Sport Rotors (US)
Vortech (US)
Brock tel: (714) 898-4366 (US)
Fleck tel: (717) 742-4080 (US)


Dick Wunderlich . (US) (815) 838-0450 Flexible shaft pre-rotators, rotor brakes and rotor tachos

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Other useful gyro related things:

Gyro Calculation programs:

Jukka Tervamaki's Gyro Performance Calculations program . Important tip though: make sure that you use the AERODYNAMIC PITCH value, and not the GEOMETRIC PITCH for your rotor - or the result curves will not be correct!
C-number search . Find a Canadian-registered aircraft by its registration number.
G-number search . Find a UK-registered aircraft.
N-number search . Find a US-registered aircraft by its number.

Gyro insurance:

Hayward Aviation Ltd. (UK) were appointed the BRA official Insurance brokers in 1994.
Louisiana Insurance Consultants (US) have agreed to write insurance on gyros for PRA and its members. (800) 637-0453

Independent Printed Gyro magazines:

FLY GYRO! What can I say! Sign up for the magazine now - click on the link to go to the online payment page.
RFI Don Parham's US based gyro magazine.
RGI UK magazine. Good supporter of gyro events.

Aviation Weather page . . . . . Tom Dawes-Gamble has the best European aviation weather on the web. TAFs, METARs, NOTAMs, airport information, and all for FREE !! You can even select to read it decoded into plain English!
Crop Circle Connector . . . . . website showing aerial photos and masses of other information on all of the latest crop circles in the U.K., especially for gyro pilots to visit! It is best visited before harvest time for obvious reasons!
U-boat Net . . . . . see and read all about this fascinating forerunner of our modern sport gyros - towed behind a U-Boat!
Aviators Network . . . . . my ISP - not just for pilots, as they point out. One of the things that I like about them is that they have human beings who will answer technical problems - without forcing you to trawl through some vast impersonal forum where after hours/days online you may possibly come across what you want, but more likely you will have gone round and round in circles succeeding only in pulling most of your hair out! Compuserve and others take note!
Focke Achgelis FA-330 Bachstelze . Another site detailing the U-boat's gyroglider
The Mining Company - Aviation . . . this takes you straight into their rotorcraft links section. From there try their 'features' page for more gyro content.

UK requirements for a PPL(G) licence .pdf file at the CAA website

US Part 103 - the "ultralight" regulations . courtesy of Ralph Taggart's site.

US Exemption 5029 .

Although the FAA has no requirements for flight training under Part 103, they do encourage participation in structured training programs that are administered by several organizations, including the United States Ultralight Association (USUA) and the Aero Sports Connection (ASC). (all this from Rusty's site)


Gyro instructors:

Very important! I cannot guarantee that these instructors are still currently qualified to act as gyro instructors. It is up to you to check this out - if necessary speak to your national aviation authority and take their advice. Also, some of these instructors are restricted to training on certain types/classes of gyro - check that out too!

Where possible I have tried to categorize instructors into the areas/countries where they are generally based. Many of the instructors are prepared (and qualified) to travel long distances to instruct students. For example: several of the UK instructors spend much of their time teaching groups or individuals in some fairly remote countries of the world. My advice is to ask around, and ask the instructors! I have chosen to give the names of the instructors rather than what they call their flying organizations. If the instructor has a website then clicking on the underlined colored text of their name will link you to their website (where presumably there will be contact details given). If they have no website then it will prepare an e-mail message to them. If their name is black then there should be a telephone number given instead.

There is an excellent PRA instructors page which sometimes gives additional information such as the type of aircraft on which instruction is given. I hope that you will find all of those instructors here - plus a lot more!

Tip: if you are learning to fly a single seat gyro most (but not all) instructors are now able to talk to you through radio communication. It is as close to having your instructor sitting next to you giving you advice as you can get - and at times can be a great comfort! If your instructor does not yet have this facility I would strongly advise you to convert him/her! - or else find one who does have the facility.

Chief Flying Instructors
Terry Boatswain . (02)6643-1920
Alan Bridger (02)9623-5377
Paul Bruty . (03)5334-7717
Steve England . (02)6852-2594
Rob Glenn (02)6869-1777
David Jackson (08)8091-6721
Rod Laurie (015) 76-5705
Ian Morcombe (02)6363-1681
Keven Traeger (08)8576-3300

Instructors (Dual Powered)

Murray Barker (07)3261-4676
Albert Gobius (015) 99-7922
Wayne Morgan (03)5339-3301
Rod Shaw (07)3341-9894
Ross Symes (08)8087-9148

Assistant Instructors (Dual Place Powered)

Dante Basset (02)9567-6852
Laszlo Boross (08)9345-1468
Richard Brooks (08)8735-4284
Barry Ferguson (0407) 65-2038
Ken Hateley (03)5387-1389
Rob Heinrich (08)8852-6092
Geoff Jones (03)5174-0838
Herman Roesch (02)9674-1629
Max Tout (02)6564-2257
Mervyn Underhill (07)4927-5363

Assistant Instructors

Leith Compton (0417) 65-8035
Les Edgerton (07)4061-1780
John Evans . (02)4973-3998
Peter Harris (02)4454-0561
Bert Larkin (07)4782-1566
Ian Sganzerla (07)3341-6268
Peter Smith (07)4666-4105


Jon Pridie . RR 4 Calmar 780-985-2024


Fernando Matte . Santiago . Santiago 342 6362


Daniel Aubin . Boulogne . (+33) (0)46 21 46 80
Xavier Averso . Toulouse . (+33) (0)561 48 83 91
Eric Changeur . Charentes . (+33) (0)608 42 46 01
Hugo Gustin . Crouy en Thelle . (+33) (0)682 91 33 57
Roland Kloety . Paris . (+33) (0)145 53 27 67
Jean-Luc Maury . Hautefort . (+33) (0)553 50 49 38
Alexandre Patte . Viabon (Paris) (+33) (0)237 99 17 17
Robert Puente . Moustajon . (+33) (0)561 79 37 69
Michel Rieu . Solomiac . (+33) (0)562 06 84 35
Franck Rivolier . St. Chamond (Lyon) (+33) (0)477 22 24 43
Jos Schepers . France Nord . (+32) (0)53 80 53 97
Herve Terrasson . Chelles (Paris) (+33) (0)164 21 26 78


Rob Fidler . Co.Donegal . (+00) 353 7431583

New Zealand:

Garry Belton, Waverley (06) 346 5599

Puerto Rico:

Jorge Gonzalez . Arroyo


Dmitriy Rakitskiy - Moscow. Дима Ракитский - единственный в России на сегодняшний день инструктор, обучающий на АЖ.

South Africa:

Butch Brown . Johannesburg . (011) 753-2261 (W) or (011) 753-2715 (H)
Roelf Palm . Messina . (015) 534-0469 (H) or (015) 534-0448 (W)
Norman Shelley . Messina . (015) 534-0393 (W)
Eric Torr . Johannesburg . (011) 391-6426 (H) or cell 083-335-4622
Louis van Wyk . Capetown


David Beevers . York - 01759 303315
Woody De Saar . Great Yarmouth . 0771 2239693
Mike Goldring . Devon - 01626 353717
Marc Lhermette . Kent . 01227 750328
Tony Melody . Middlesex . mobile phone: 0956 447085
Roger Savage . Cumbria . 01768 483859
Mac Smith . Dorset . 01202 822486
Tony Unwin . Bristol . 01934 712110


Tom Adams . Florida - (813) 325-0000
Ed Alderfer . Ohio - (513) 844-2857
Cliff Berry . North Carolina - (828) 687-2315
Gary Brewer . California
Dan Brimhall . Montana
Christopher Burgess . Maryland
Fernando Camuzzi . Texas - 281-591-3867
Scott Clark . Florida - (954) 791-8277
Bill Dickert . Florida - (352) 542-2985
Robert Downey . Florida - (305) 664-9115
Lisa de Vries . Virginia
Dofin Fritts . Florida
Thomas Gage . Arkansas - (501) 996-7291
Gary Goldsberry . Indiana
Randy Goodwin . Alabama - (334) 898-2682
Roy Hanan . Oregon - (541) 963-0809
Patrick Hirst . Pennsylvania - (610) 791-2755
Patrick Howell . Florida
Duane Hunn . Indiana - (306) 463-6030
Don Johnson . Iowa - (712) 362-2604
John Kemmeries . Arizona - (602) 566-8026
Larry Lindgren . Texas - (210) 659-0824
Jim Logan . New York (516) 746-3427
Scott M. Malone . Oregon - (503) 492-7887
Robert Martian . Florida - (561) 546-7335
Ralph McClurg . Missouri - (417) 235-3058
Steve McGowan . Georgia (912) 405-9784
Earl McKinley . Texas - (830) 591-1395
Ron and Steve Menzie . Arkansas
Bob Miller . Ohio - (330) 532-2575
Carl Morrison . Texas - (409) 233-5700
Rusty Nance . South Carolina
Jim Nardi . Massachusetts
Dave Noack . Idaho
Bill Ortmayer . Florida
Curtis Patten . Georgia - (912) 458-3349
Michael Peer . Louisiana - (318) 367-8725
Louis Rand . Iowa - (515) 834-2225
David Richards . Oregon - (503) 645-1468
Chuck Roberg . Illinois - (630) 983-7625
Mike Roney . Nebraska - (402) 572-8788
Leslie Sanders . California - (916) 648-1200
George Sanders, Jr. Indiana - (317) 528-2660
Grant Smith . Washington - (425) 271-7464
Silas Smith . Indiana - (219) 374-4604
Michael Solano . Texas - (903) 364-5082
Joe Souza . California - (530) 741-0741
Casey Stiles . Kentucky - (606) 734-2032
Derreck Turner . Missouri - (816) 835-3706
Richard Turner . Florida - (941) 936-1261
Doyle Watkins . Michigan - (517) 497-3952
Harold Wenrich . Pennsylvania - (717) 473-8264
Bill Zaleski . New York
KZ Zigaitis . Missouri - (314) 343-6853

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PRA chapters:

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Tip: there are a lot of Chapters here! To find your state - or what you want - try using the "find [on this page]" facility in your browser's 'Edit' menu at the top of the page.

Chapter 1 . California - tel: (714) 898-4366 (Southern California Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 2 . Virginia - tel: (757) 229-0657

Chapter 4 . Pennsylvania - tel: (814) 796-6634 (West Penn Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 5 . California (Northern California Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter6 . Arkansas - tel: (501) 562-0252

Chapter 007 . Texas (Heart of Texas Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 8 . New York - Voxgateway@aol.com or Gatewayvox@earthlink.net (Long Island Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 9 . Colorado

Chapter 10 . Alaska - tel: (907) 755-2221

Chapter 12 . Nebraska -tel: (402) 379-2907

Chapter 13 . South Carolina (Georgia - Carolina Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 14 . New Jersey - rjs495@erols.com or genebob@erols.com

Chapter 15 . Arizona

Chapter 16 . Oregon - jimcmoon@aol.com(Cascade Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 17 . Minnesota - tel: (612) 421-2975

Chapter 18 . Illinois (Greater Midwest Chapter)

Chapter 19 . Ohio - tel: (330) 477-7910 (Buckeye Rotorheads)

Chapter 20 . Louisiana - tel: (318) 640-5656

Chapter 21 . Nevada - tel: (702) 366-0375

Chapter 22 . District of Columbia - AABUCKFLY@aol.com

Chapter 24 . Oregon - tel: (503) 648-2484 (Bladerunners)

Chapter 25 . Illinois/Wisconsin -tel: (847) 234-1802 (Northern Illinois-Southern Wisconsin Rotorcraft)

Chapter 26 Florida (Sunstate Rotor Club)

Chapter 30 . Washington

Chapter 31 . California - tel: (619) 475-3465 (San Diego County Gyro Club)

Chapter 32 . Michigan - tel: (517) 631-5146 (Bay Area Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 34 . Indiana - gsgold@ccrtc.com (Indiana Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 35 . Missouri (St Louis Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 36 . Indiana - tel: (317) 528-2660 (Wendall Knight Memorial Gyro Club of Southern Indiana)

Chapter 39 . New Hampshire - tel: (207) 465-3203

Chapter 40 . Ohio - gilley@earthlink.net (Cincinnati Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 42 . Oklahoma - tel: (918) 337-5338)

Chapter 44 . California - tel: (909) 695-9206 (Bear Creek Rotorcraft Association) NOTE: This chapter was shut down recently and doesn't exist anymore

Chapter 45 . Tennessee - tel: (615) 230-1782

Chapter 49 . New York - tel: (716) 798-1594 (Western New York Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 50 . New York - tel: (315) 245-2082 (Central New York Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 52 . Illinois - tel: (618) 734-2696 (Tri-State Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 55 . California - tel: (209) 252-2787 (Central Valley Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 56 . Georgia - tel: (706) 629-8108 (Peach State Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 57 . Colorado - tel: (303) 465-3489 (Rocky Mountain Rotorwing Association)

Chapter 58 . California (Sierra Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 62 . Texas - uWvv@pdq.net (Lone Star Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 63 . Michigan (Central Michigan Gyroplane Club)

Chapter 67 . Missouri - tel: (816) 618-3840 (Mid America Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 69 . Florida - tel: (904) 445-5022 (Wing & Rotor Club of Palm Coast)

Chapter 70 . Michigan - tel: (517) 278-4782 (Maumee Valley Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 73 . Oregon - tel: (503) 543-7000 (Great Northwest Sport Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 75 . Kansas - tel: (316) 522-6729

Chapter 76 . California - jdubry@mscomm.com

Chapter 77 . Michigan - tazmania@pathwaynet.com (West Michigan Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 78 . Texas - (817) 573-7973 (Texas Rotorcraft Association)

Chapter 80 . Indiana - tel: (616) 471-7042 (Flying 80's)

Chapter 99 . Colorado - tel: (303) 451051 (Mile High Gyros)

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PRA Chapters, incorporated into clubs in other countries


Chapter23 . Santa Cruz - chris-sellars@infonet.com.bo (Aeroclub Oriental)


Chapter 11 . Ontario - tel: (416) 244-4122 (Toronto Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 27 . Ontario - tel: (519) 578-4266 (Golden Horseshoe Rotorcraft Club)

Chapter 71 . Quebec - gyro2@sympatico.ca (Le Club Autogire Centre-Quebec)

Chapter 72 . British Columbia - tel: (604) 589-0555 (Pacific Rotorcraft Association)


Chapter 3 . Holzhausen - uwehager@compuserve.com (German Rotorcraft Club)


Chapter 28 . Charente (Club Autogire Saint Ciers)

Puerto Rico:

Chapter 60 . Juncos - tel: (787) 716-2228 or (787) 785-1845 (Puerto Rico Rotor Club)


Chapter 79 . - tel: Japan 0466-33-5487 (Japan PRA)

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Some other useful non-gyro aviation websites:

The Royal Aero Club . Co-ordinates, promotes and protects all forms of recreational and competitive air sport in the UK.
AVweb . The Internet's Aviation Magazine and News Service - and every pilot must know and appreciate "Short Finals" in their regular AVflash newsletter!
Sport Flyer . Plenty of up to date aviation news and links.
AvStop Magazine Online . Plenty of useful text and some great photos.


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